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Thread: What kind of arrows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 96xjclassic View Post
    Well, in your opinion which ones kill animals the best? Lol!
    the one that flys and hit its sorry had to do it

    Quote Originally Posted by coolsam402 View Post
    for 50 dollers a doz is not a good deal i will garrrentie you that they will brake right away ive already tryed them just get the easton axis carbon n-fused and they will last you forever and they fly the best
    yea Why do they? and what makes you think 50 is a bad deal... do you work for a arrow mfg. How many differt arrows have you shot in your life time.. Im 46 been shootin for 40 years now and have shot less then a dozzen differant mfg... tried some cheep vapors( made by gold tip) liked um so much i picked up a 2nd dozzen for my recurve and was pissed when they sold out now they call it something differant...

    Quote Originally Posted by Double S View Post
    Your doing well. Take your time. I like to take a shot. Put the bow down rest my bow arm for about 30 seconds or more. Take another shot and rest. It helped me with building strength and holding longer. I used to shoot fast..All it did was wear my arms out ( Jello arms) and give me crappy groups. I've learned to slow down. Make sure I pay attention to all the aspects of aiming, breathing, bow grip, follow through and patience.
    Best advice not rush your self it is not a race and your only competition is your self keep it up once you get the first causality stop aiming at the same spot... call your shot as in like a clock face 3 or 9 12 or 6 etc...good luck and FYI pick up any dozzen that fits your pocket book
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    Thanks for all the great advice guys!
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