Got my first bow kill this afternoon. After not seeing any deer all season, I saw 2 today. Went out around 12:30, had a young doe walk 5 yards past me (I sit on the ground). She came in at a bad angle and I had no cover to draw behind, but my heart was racing just to have the deer that close. She walked by without spooking. About 2:30 I decide to try strapping on a swivel seat I have that straps to a tree. I figured the way the wind was blowing, it would help if anything came from my right. The seat keeps my feet on the ground, but allows me to swivel and I can see down over the hill a little better to. I decided at 3:00 I would head out and take a slow walk to the car because I had a class to take tonight. At 2:55 this 7 pointer walks up from my right. I swivel around and it looks like he is going to go up the hill out of range to the right. Then he turns and walks towards me. When he goes behind a tree I draw, and now he is moving toward my #1 shooting lane. He stops and I need about 10 more steps to get into the lane. I am in a bad spot now because when I swiveled around to the right, I had to move my elbow to the other side of the tree. Now I am full draw and have to move around the tree again. I get it done and he is just standing there. I think he might have smelled that doe as he was standing right where she came up the hill. Now my fingers are going numb and my arms are ready to break. I don't want to let down without him being behind cover, so I line up my shot, which was not the perfect broadside shot, but I had a nice look at the sweet spot behind the shoulder. I estimate him at 30 yards, put my 30 yard pin on him and let the arrow go. It looks great up until the last couple yards. I don't know if he saw it and flinched or if I hit a twig (found a bunch of them after the shot, but couldn't see them before the shot). He goes down in a heap and rolls onto his back. I see his legs thrashing, and he still has not moved the spot from where he was standing. I am super excited now and I see him attempt to run. He is dragging his hind legs and bleeding real good from behind the shoulder. At the time I am not sure what's up, but I tracked him and found I spine shot him. Just a little deflection was all it took. Thankfully I got him. I may actually give up hunting with a gun after this. That was a thrill. Sorry the photo is terrible as I took it with my cell phone and then had to send it to my brother in law so he could e-mail it to me so I could post it here. I have a couple others with the bow, but I was out by myself and had no one to take the photo for me. I made it to my class but just barely.2011bowbuck.jpg