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Thread: I hope not...

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    that Scepter is the only one Im am looking at well thet and the sig recurve..hard to get past that stick
    well we will see if there will be a new bow in my future .. still have a blast shooting my 40 year old bow..
    It's all fun an games till you put that big boy on the ground.. now its time to get to work
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    We might be in luck. Looking at the 2012 catalog the only bow showing the green roto's and bezels is the Bengal. All the others are black. I'd rather have black and when and if I order a Scepter I will specify as such. Red riser, black limbs, and black everything else. Now if we can only get those decals changed on the limbs. It's either that or green and red strings. I'm still waiting to see what Rytera shows up with.
    a little early for christmas, eh?

    somehow just thinking about red and green string combo gets me a bit queasy...

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