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Thread: Old trad shooters...Please help

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    Default Old trad shooters...Please help

    Darton Fury question ?
    Trad shooters can you help a guy out. posted on Archerytalk looking for info, no luck yet...

    Hey all you histroy buffs...
    I have a 1970 ish Darton Fury. I was with Dad when he bought it best we can pin it down to is 1970- 72. Dartons web sight has the 1969 catalog has a fury in it but not the same one. it then jumps to 1974 and no fury listed, there was a fury sl.. but stilll no not my bow. its listed again in 75 but we know for a fact, he already had his, (now mine). and its still not right. here is a picture..


    AMO is 60" we are looking for any info you all have ...want to find another one of yet no luck.. so come on guys dust off them ole books , let me know what info you have on this bow ....string length, Brace height, anything.. far as we know we have the only so post up, talk to me.. See The ole man wants to finger walk again and just enjoy the mystic flight of the arrow.
    we have been on e-bay. missed out on a few realy nice sticks others well they just want too much..and never have seen another Fury.. If you find one in photo bucket by liv2hunt_or, Thats Mine!!
    So folks Who else has one or 3 and wants to part with it????

    4x5 is on stickbow's leather wall looking for info far no luck. Anybody, call all your old buds or grandpa's uncles, dads. I just want to even know there is another at this point..should i put it up like a glass slipper....heck with that its too fun to shoot and we just made a bottle lancher. Fires em 20 yards up an out, great fun with flu come on fellow trad guys an gals talk to me..
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