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Thread: Detlef Stakelbeck Archery Sights....WOW. I want one!.

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    Default Detlef Stakelbeck Archery Sights....WOW. I want one!.

    I've been browsing Target Sights all over the WWW and most of the time it brings me back to ArcheryTalk. I've been window shopping and comparing prices on Target sights for the new Target only bow I plan to purchase in a few months. One of the thread on AT brought me over to Stakelbeck Archery Sights. To be honest, I've never heard of him until today. He is out of Canada and hand makes each sight. It's a one man operation but he does outsource for the anodizing. After checking out the pics...I was amazed!. His sights look like artwork. I've browsed about every forum and haven't found one negative on the sight. I sent Detlef a PM on AT asking for more info and prices. he does not have a Website. I thought I'd share some pics here from AT.
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