Aloha All!
I need help! I'm a pretty seasoned archer and hunter. I do my own tuning and have a couple bow presses an have pretty good idea of how compounds work but I gotta say I'm really bummed with my son's new Martin Exile RH 70lb bow. After I set it up, I shot about 2 dozen arrows thru it and it's shooting super loud. Almost like a tuning fork sound. I've owned over dozen compunds over the years including a 2009 70lb Cheetah(one of my all time favs) and can really hear the difference. My current line up includes a Z7, a GT500 and a Vendetta XS. I know these are mid to high end bows and have more features that help with silencing the bow but the sound that this bow makes is not good for the type of deer we hunt here on Maui. Axis Deer are quick and have been known to jump shots by dip down before jumping. They are super sketchy and you gotta be super quite to spot and stalk these. I bought him this bow because of my previous experience with my Cheetah(had a string stop on it) and don't remmber it have any sound like this. Here are the specs for the bow-

Martin Exile 55-70lbs, RH, Acu-Trak Cam and the TRG. No String stop.
I just set it up with a first gen Ripcord drop away, John Cooper Dead Nuts 2 sight, an Apex Stabilizer and wrist sling.
Checked the ATA-ok, the tiller settings-ok and checked center shot-ok and leveled out the arrow with levels - 0 degrees(flat).
Set up the draw with the F-4 Module which I think is the right mod for a 27.5 draw length. (Please let me know if that's wrong) Adjusted the draws stop.
I shot four different arrows thru it - a Carbon Express Terminator 60-75 full length, a Gold Tip Hunter XT 5575 28.5", ICS Hunter 400 28.5" and Cabela's Stalker Extremes 65-80 28.5". The sound was the same with each arrow.
I'm using a d-loop and a Tru Fire Edge 4 finger release.

The one thing I didn't realize on these New Martin's is that they don't have a hole for a traditional string stop and they are using the TRG on this model(the 2012 Exile and Exile Pro have a standard carbon rod with teflon slide and no TRG and Fury Cams, I wonder if they were having problems with the TRG?).
Would the optional CCS be better or adding the the optional string stop that mounts to the TRG help?
Or adding a front mounted SST style string stop? Kinda think that wouldn't be good due to the new quick-lock stablizer mount(lining up problems).
I would like some feedback from anyone who has had the same problem and was able to fix it. Thanks guys!