I shoot 3D and field comps, and I have just started working up my 2012 comp bow, my Athens Excell.

I have used Davis sights with 5 pin frames for a looong time, as they allow me a lot of adjustment, but I just noticed that on the Excell, almost everything is in a dead straight line, so I really don't need all the weight and complication of a target sight with a 4" frame, when a straightforward 5 pin hunting sight would do.

So: I am looking for recommendations for a good, solid, visible sights. If possible with .29 and .19 pins (so I can have the .29 at closer range and the .19 for my 50 and 60 yard pins).

We have a limited availability of manufacturers over her, but I'm not adverse to a bit of personal importation.

Oh and Don: The Gators are working just fine.