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Thread: onza 3 speed issues

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    all speed helps u with is missing
    besides if speed was your deal then you should ponied up the money for a pse omen pro or mathews monster.. .with a ibo of over 350 you should be close to the 300 mark at 60 pounds and your 29 in draw..If you bought the onza be cause it was a great price just be happy with what you are getting for speed. I shot a Hoyt vulcan maxed out at 73 lbs at 30 in with a 410 gr arrow was shooting 309 fps...89 ft lbs.. My new bow with sore shoulders of older age is 62 lbs same arrow shooting should be close to 285 fps and 70 lbs of ke... Suits me just fine... I use to shoot a 53 lb recurve that was shooting 192 fps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just be happy
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