I cant give you a detailed recipe... stoped using one years ago... here is what i use mostly...
1cup KIkkoman Teriyaki marinade
3/4 cup cold water
some garulated garlic
Onion pawder or salt even granulated if you can find it
brown sugar
some red peper if you want spicy

Mix all in a bowl wisk sugar in last dash in some liquad smoke and stick finger in to taste... if you hate it now you will later on more... I dont use salt hate the salty taste... Did that once

I have been know to toss in what ever else i think will taste good I can say sliced onion and peperonicini's are wonder full on it ..pain to lay meet on racks with the slced stuff on top but once again worth the time..

I have a tupperwere Container 9x13 dubble sided, layer meet in criss cross pattern sprinkle with hot shot( red peper mix) once all layered up gently poor brine over then cover an refridgate fro a few days up to 6 turnning and shaking every time you get in to fridge..

BTW hot peper slices added will kick up the heat index.. Hope I have all info you need darn laptop shut down on me and Lost the whole post.. ok well just remember to taste 1st befor adding to meet.. if its too sweet add less sugar next time or add water to help cutit..

Do you self a favor and write it down as you go so You Know... How much garlic did you put in this..was no way enough..sort of deal... or was too much
know this is My fav way not the Only way to make it That book hase a few recipes in it also, did you ever get that book?

I used to have , am sure its here some place 4 versions on my basic jurkey blend .. I kept changing it and then just stoped and go old school and just dump stuff into a bowl if it sounds good to me IT may end up in the brine.. good luck Im here all