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Thread: 5/16 meta peep?

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    Default 5/16 meta peep?

    so the dicks in Portland has them for 3.87 on sale so I bought one. then I read some issue people were having with them bending and or cutting strings. anyone know and or confirm this?? Thanks

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    did hear some that were ...but one would thing if you check it over for sharp edges 1st.. do a search on Archery Talk.. for sure if there ever was a problum them guys will yammmer on an on how bad it is... good luck perhaps some one here has used them..
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    I shot one for almost a year with no issues. Went to a 3/16 on my new string but the meta is still on the old one in case I need it in a pinch.
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    They can get a burr edge on them just like any comparable aluminum peep. Best way to prevent string damage is to take a fine rat tail file or piece of fine sandpaper to the sharp end of the string groove before even thinking of installing the peep. It might not even need it (most don't) but five minutes of preventive care is cheaper than a new set of strings.

    As for the bending/distortion you have heard or read about, it's an easy remedy. Because there isn't much wall material left from machining such large hole that the walls are thin. If served in with the serving too slose to the peep it creates too much pressure on the walls and can distort the peep. It will usually elongate it vertically. So just don't serve it too tightly.
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