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Thread: My First Archery Buck - 2006 - Taken with a Martin Jaguar

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    Default My First Archery Buck - 2006 - Taken with a Martin Jaguar

    Hello to everyone on the site. I am new here...didn't know that there was a Martin forum. This is my story of my hunt on opening day of our WV 2006 Archery Season.

    First Archery Buck!!

    Well I did it!!

    Saturday morning, October 14, 2006, at 7:50 am I shot my very first buck with a bow. Of course I have taken does, but never a buck. In fact years ago I lost a 6-point buck due to a bad shot placement. I learned the hard way that patients and the right available shot opportunity needs to part of this style of hunting.

    But, the deer gods have forgiven me and let me take a buck this year. Nothing spectacular or nothing to have mounted and hang on the wall, but it is a buck and a trophy to me.

    It is the 2006 opening day of the West Virginia Archery Season. A time that every bow hunter waits for, from the time it closes in December of the previous year until now.

    Bow hunters have been busy practicing, tuning their bows and sharpening broad heads all summer long getting ready for this day. I don’t think there is any other time of the year that the excitement for a hunter is the greatest, unless it is when that magical buck steps within range of an archery hunter.

    Jerod, my son, and I were up at 4:30 am getting dressed and getting a good hearty breakfast down before we left the house to go hunting on this opening day morning.

    We left the house at 5:30 am to get to our hunting lease. Once there we put on our safety harnesses and uncased our bows, locked up the truck and started to our stands.

    I arrived at my ladder stand at 6 am and climbed up and immediately hooked up my safety harness. I was setup to hunt by 6:15 am. The woods were quite and the stars and a half moon were bright! I heard something like a deer go over the hill, at least it sounded that way to me. Then as light broke I heard and saw some squirrels running around on the ground looking for their morning breakfast. The birds were beginning to sing their wake up calls to the world.

    At about 7:45 am I heard something in the leaves like someone walking to my right. I looked up the hill and saw a deer coming my way from the hill adjacent to me. I slowly stood up in my ladder stand and got myself positioned so I could be ready for a shot. Since I am a right hand shooter, shooting the right is difficult if you don’t get yourself into position.

    As the deer drew closer I finally was able to make out that it was a buck with a rack. I drew my bow back just before he got in front of me. He was only 20 yards away.

    The day before I had been in the stand with my range finder checking distances.

    Then the buck stopped and looked right up at me. DANG!! I HAVE BEEN MADE! He looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. Then he made a complete 180 turn and started walking back the way he came.

    I was still at full draw and got the pin on the mark, but the deer was still walking and I was afraid to grunt to get him to stop. I took the shot!! I heard a loud THUD as the arrow hit him. I saw the deer jump and start back up the trail he came down. The whole time I watched my arrow (they have white fletch wrap and fletching on them) bounce up and down as he headed back up the hillside. I saw him make it to the top and then lost sight of him.

    I radioed Jerod and told him that I got one and was going to give it about 30 minutes, and while waiting I was going to get down and check the spot he was standing. I told Jerod that I didn’t like the shot it appeared to be back further than what I liked. I told him that if I needed help I would radio him.

    Jerod congratulated me.

    I lowered my bow and then my backpack to the ground and unhooked my safety harness and got down. I put on my backpack picked up the bow and went to where he jumped when I hit him. I looked around for hair and or blood. Didn't see anything at that spot. I looked ahead, the direction he left the area and saw where he made impressions in the leaves and I moved up slowly and looked for blood. Didn't see any, I was getting worried then there it was...BLOOD!! Just a little drop or two of blood on top of some leaves. I was really worried about the shot I took now. I started to look for more blood and started tracking the trail. I noticed the further I went the more blood I saw. He had gone up the hill and I guess the arrow was still cutting cause the further he went up the hill the more blood I found. It appeared to be spraying on the ground from the look of it. Just as I topped the hill I found my arrow. It was covered with blood and a whole lot more on the ground. I picked it up examined it and put it in the quiver. I then pulled another arrow out of the quiver and placed it on the string. I knew that I must be close. I didn't take more than 3 steps and saw him lying there on the ground. I found him!!!

    He hadn’t gone more than about 10 yards from where the arrow came out and fell. In all he only went maybe 50 or 75 yards from where I shot him.

    I immediately looked up at the sky and thanked God for providing this deer for me to harvest. Then I radioed Jerod and told him that I had found the deer. I told him it was the 7-pointer that we had on camera. Again, he congratulated me and wanted to know if I would need help. I told him no, just stay there and hunt I had all day to drag him out.

    I took out my digital camera and position the deer’s head on my backpack and took a photo of him. I then proceeded to fill out my tag and attach it to him. Then the work started.

    Now the 7-pointer isn’t really anything to write home about, but this is my first 7-pointer ever and the first buck with a bow! His inside spread is only 7 inches, and the longest tine is only about 2 and half inches or so.

    Of course it is a small rack but I am proud of this buck just because it is my first one with the bow!

    (Photo by Juddie Burgess)

    Another thing that is great is that I have pictures of him before I was able to harvest him. We have pictures of him sparing with a 6-point that has a bent G-2, pictures of him at my stand and at my brother-in-laws stand.

    This will be a hunt that I won’t soon forget. It seems that the first buck taken, whether with a gun or a bow is something you remember for quite some time.

    I have been bow hunting for about 20 years and been hunting for 26 years. Jerod started hunting with me about 7 years ago and has been my hunting partner ever since.

    Good Luck to all my archery buddies!


    Martin Jaguar Fusion Cam bow – Advantage Timber camo pattern – 70# pull
    TM Hunter Rest
    Toxonics 3 fiber optic pin site
    Kwikee Kwiver
    Easton XX75 2213 (26 inches) white fletch wrap, white fletching with yellow nock fletch
    Wasp Bullet 100 grain broad heads
    TruFlite trigger release

    Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport Rangefinder

    Hunters View Buddy Ladder Stand


    Advantage Timber camo 2 piece outfit

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    m gardner


    Nice buck, good story.

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