Just got these 2 bows in and plan on doing complete reviews on both for you guys as time allows.

Initial out of the box, the new Next Vista camo is well done. The Vista film appears to be a little heavier than the past G1 film dip and coverage was very good, really couldn't find any flaws in it.

Out of the box, both bows were exactly at advertised A2A lengths and were each an 1/8" short on brace.

Machining on both the risers and cams was quite good, very few machine marks were visible on either bow and you had to be really looking for them to notice.

The Fury XT cams have 3 seperate posts for the buss cable to attach, one is marked standard, one is marked -10 and the other is marked -20, this is to accomodate the large draw weight range we have seen advertised. Draw length is adjusted by an inner rotating module and the outer draw stop peg, no more seperate mods for each draw length.

The Bengal came with the green roto cups and bezels while the Pantera had black ones. The green ones actually look quite good with the Next Vista camo and the green limb logos.

The Hammer head strings appear to be a bit better made than last year and come with 2 bowjax on the string and one on the buss cable, the string also has 6 speed nocks installed near the cam, something not seen on previous single cam models from Martin.

I will get these setup with a rest and get some numbers and pics put up for you guys, let me know which bow you prefer to see first as I'll be pretty busy today, but will be around most all day tomorrow.