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    Default Tuning Query

    I hope these are not a dull questions.

    When basic tuning the horizontal & vertical planes at point blank range (3 yards). Is is best to aim at the bull using the middle pin of your sight? I cannot find any refrence as to which pin to use since there is an inch between the top & bottom pin.

    Secondly. Once the above is accomplished at what range do I start altering the rest as opposed to the sight? This will be soley for the horizontal plane.

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    yes @ 3 yds use the 40yd pin.. easy thing to do set the middle pin then step back set the 20 from here i just set all the gap ( between pins) Once i get that done I fine tune @ each yardage.. never moving the rest form its paper tune ajustment...Once all pins are set and your shooting BH then I tune to them buy nock pt and rest movement...

    whoops 2nd Q 30- 40 YDS
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    Default From Nuts&Bolts:

    Q: During ĎModified French Tuningí, are you using your20 yard pin for all shots?
    A: Any pin will do.

    The intent of Modified French Tuning is only intended toadjust for left to right misses.
    When shooting at 6 feet or any close range distance useany pin and shoot at a string with a
    weight on the end or simply fold a piece of paper inhalf so you get a vertical edge. Fire at the
    vertical edge with any pin at close range and see if youcan get half the arrow onto the piece of
    paper and half the arrow off the edge of the piece ofpaper.
    Something like this:
    If you miss left when shooting from 6 feet or less(point blank range), move your Sight Pin to the
    right and shoot at that vertical edge again and see ifyou can split the edge with your arrow.

    If you miss right when shooting from 6 feet or less(point blank range), move your Sight Pin to
    the left and shoot at that same vertical edge again andsee if you can split the edge with your
    Keep trying and eventually you will hit the edge of thefolded piece of paper DEAD CENTER, when
    shooting at POINT BLANK RANGE, after you have made thecorrections to your SIGHT PIN windage
    settings (horizontal adjustments to your pins or scopedot/circle/ring).
    If you have 20 yards in your backyard, use your 20 yardpin and shoot arrow groups at a bullís
    eye. If you miss left or right at 20 yards then moveyour ARROW REST (move the arrow rest to
    compensate for left/right misses when shooting longerdistances than 9 feet even if that distance is
    only a few more yards, or, say, 20 ft.) By doing this,you are correcting your ARROW REST
    centershot when shooting longer distance.
    You can shoot any convenient longer distance; whateveryou have available. It doesnít have to be
    20 yards. It could be 20 feet, 25 feet, or even 15 feet.Again, whatever you have available that is
    Tweak the ARROW REST centershot until you havethe arrow group CENTERED on the bullís-eye
    when shooting at longer distances.
    Once you have accomplished the goal of setting yourlonger distance ARROW REST
    CENTERSHOT, go back to 5 to 6 feet and shootONE ARROW at that folded piece of paperís
    vertical edge and tweak the SIGHT PIN WINDAGE to get thearrow perfectly centered.
    *********short distance shooting (6feet or so).....adjust SIGHT PIN WINDAGE
    *********move the sight pins left orright (small adjustments) to hit a vertical edge of paper
    ********ANY longer distance (whateveris convenient)......adjust ARROW REST CENTERSHOT
    ********move the arrow rest to centeryour arrow groups when shooting long range
    Each time you do the full cycle of point blank shooting(super short distance) and longer distance
    shooting the adjustments get smaller and smaller.
    Pretty soon the longer distance shooting at a bullís-eyewill have the arrow group CENTERED on
    the bullís-eye and the single arrow at super shortdistance will also be centered on the vertical edge
    of paper.
    When you donít have to make any more adjustments, youshould have minimal left-right misses at
    all distance, short, medium and long range and all arrowgroups should be centered on the bullíseye.
    All this is done with the assumption you are shooting abow with the proper draw weight and
    arrow spine(stiffness).

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