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    Quote Originally Posted by MLN1963 View Post
    I don't think epoxy glue is required, if it works, sands and stains the way you want then it might be worth it. I bet all those old bows in people's garages don't have epoxy glue holding them together.
    Yes, every build a long thread I've read has used epoxy. Here's a link to Pirates of Archery's build along threads. The way the riser shown was done, the builder uses templates of each piece, draws the cut line on the piece and then cuts to, but leaves the line, then sands down to the line, repete process with next piece until they fit togather. Complicated, but doable, afterall, when I made these two gunstocks, I used a hand saw, an electric drill motor, and an electric sander, and very little else, other than time and patience. All I had for a pattern was the stock I took off the H & R Ultra, added the cheekpiece and rasied it 3/8" above the old top of stock line so my eye would be in line with the scope when I shouldered the rifle, Grandson hunts with it now, it's chambered in .25-06. The wood is an old table I had in the yard, redwood burl.

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