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Thread: First Post - Question about availability of 2013 catalog bows

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    Default First Post - Question about availability of 2013 catalog bows

    Quick bio as this is my first post...

    I used to shoot longbow about 20 years ago and got side tracked, (college, grad school, marrage, house, etc, you know how it goes), and I am trying to get back up to speed. I am scheduled to take a USA Archery beginning shooting class next month as a way to get back into the groove. I was never a hunter but was more into target archery. I still have my old Pearson longbow but since I am very out of shape for a #60 longbow, I am thinking about getting something in a lighter recurve.

    I've been really thinking about a takedown model simply because I can change the limbs from lower weight to higher weight as I build the muscles back up. Maybe starting at #35 or so.

    I like the look of the Saber but saw the new Diablo in the 2013 catalog and that looks pretty sweet as well. I had a few questions though.

    1. When will the 2013 bows be available in the market? I haven't seen any reviews or seen them for sale yet.
    2. The catalog shows the Diablo takedown as made in the US but the Saber and Jaguar doesn't have the made in the USA logo on the page. Is the Diablo made in the US?
    3. I see the Diablo has an AMO length of 62" and the Saber has an AMO length of 64" I'm about 6' 3" with a draw of around 31" Any idea on how the AMO length would play into either of these for me? My Pearson longbow has an AMO of 64" (going by the bowstring I just bought) by comparison and that is reasonably comfortable with my draw.
    4. Anyone here seen or maybe even shot one of the new Diablos yet? Any first hand accounts? How does it compare to the Saber?
    5. Anyone have a Saber? If so, what would you do Saber or Diablo?

    Thanks a lot for any help you can give on this. I've got a lot of catching up to do

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    I agree that it would benifit you to start at a lower draw weight, 35 or even 40 lbs. As for bow length, I also draw 31 inches, my old Pearson Cougar is 62" and I'm comfortable shooting it. I don't feel any finger pinch, but do when shooting 60" bows. I have'nt read any reviews on the new Martin takedowns, and have no idea when they will reach the retailers. I think that the bridged riser is made here in the USA, and am pretty sure that the limbs are as well. Hope that some of the above will help you make your decision.
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