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Thread: Finish or Crack? - "Lines" on inside of Limbs

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    Exclamation Finish or Crack? - "Lines" on inside of Limbs

    I was inspecting my new Martin Wildcat (Jaguar) bow and came across what looked like a crack on the inside of the lower limb. The bow has never been dry-fired.

    After further inspection with a magnifying glass, I scratched off some of
    the camo finish on the inside of the lower limb across what looks at a
    distance to be a crack. If I run my finger nail across the "line" you can feel a
    ridge but you cannot where I scratched off the finish. It appears that it may be the seam or overlap of the camo finish. I also noticed a small line on the inside of the top limb as well. The bow was fired (4 or 5 arrows) and it fires fine.

    I did note that, where the inner radius exposes the limb's "thickness" (in
    the area where the limbs are cutout for the pulley and cam) I see no crack
    and, on the outside of the limbs, I see no crack. So, if these are "lines" are cracks on both limbs, they appear to be only on the inside surface and do not run through the thickness of the limbs.

    Please look at the attached pictures and give me your opinions on this being simply a seam in the camo finish as I suspect.

    If so, now that I've scratched it up, how can I/should I touch up this area?

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    It's probably just the finish, but I wouldn't take the chance. Usually the limbs are dipped horizontally and any seams in the finish are on the edges of the limbs. Maybe it was just a lousy dip job, but even this should be covered under warranty with such a new bow. I'd return to the place you bought it and see if they will help you. Give them a chance. If they beat around the bush then contact Martin's customer service and deal with them.

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    my new limbs have the same lines on them for some reason... but it looks t just be the finish...

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    Thanks for the opinions folks, it's appreciated.

    I tried to email Martin's Tech ( but I keep getting an auto-reply that the mailbox is full! I'm going to keep trying as I'd like them to confirm this.

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    you may never get an answer to an email.. best thing to do is take to your dealer.. or call martin and ask to speak to joel or jake.. both very good guys..

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    I did just that. Spoke to Jake and he agreed with my assessment. He was very helpful.


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    glad they were able to answer your questions... jake is a nice guy and very helpful... well I believe everyone at martin archery to be that way.. at least in my experiece.. enjoy the bow..

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    i have a martin wildcat and it has the same marks on it and otherspots so it might just be the paint or camo patern

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