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Thread: 3 of my family promoted to heaven. Rest in Peace cousin and nieces.

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    Unhappy 3 of my family promoted to heaven. Rest in Peace cousin and nieces.

    I'm not one for asking for Prayer or thought request but I might need it this time. My third cousin past away on the second week of December in Ontario Canada. She lived a full life. I met here when I was really young but we were not really close. She came down to San Diego to visit my mother a year ago and was doing well at the time. rest in peace.

    It's the other two death's that got to me.

    On January 2nd I received a call from my mother stating that my Adopted niece passed away on December 27th in the Philippines from heart failure, she had LUPUS. She was only 16 years old. I truly believe that god has another angel standing besides him. She contacted me on Christmas on facebook wishing me a Merry Christmas and a happy New years. She was a devout Catholic. Rest in Peace child.

    About an hour ago I received a call from my mother and I knew something was wrong from the tone in her voice. My heart skipped a beat!. I figured that it was my father and that he had passed away. my father caught mesothelioma (Lung Cancer)from the engine rooms from serving 23 years in the US navy. There's not much else they can do for him. So we have been preparing for the time to come.
    I was shocked when she told me that my nieces husband died last night coming home from work. This is also in the Philippines. Information is sketchy at this time as too how he died. He is only about 26 years old and he and my niece have a 3 month old child. He was a senior member of a large bank in the Philippines. We don't know if it's a auto accident or Murder. But in the P.I, it can be anything. I feel for my niece and her husbands family. The last time I was in the Philippines, my niece was only 7-8 years old and now she is a woman with her own family. It sucks being so far away from one half of my family. Rest in Peace Mark.

    Two years ago, I lost another niece to a rape and murder. Here body was found on the side of a hill dumped. The killers were taken care of.
    She was 16 years old. Rest in peace child.
    Sorry for being a downer...I needed to vent.
    Parents shouldn't have to bury their children.
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