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Thread: Moose hunting

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    Default You're gonna get a moose!

    Well, that's definately good moose country! You're outfitter may have told you that nobody else can hunt but I'm sure you'll encounter other hunters. Laws regarding hunting are a little different in Alberta. The outfitter can restrict other outfitters from hunting on his lease, but regular hunters are still able to hunt public land. You shouldn't have to worry though, your outfitter should know more remote areas to put you on moose. In my experience most hunters are road warriors that won't go any futher to get a moose than the range they can shoot from the road. Your area is up by the Cold Lake weapons base. I worked up there one winter. Plenty of muskeg and moose. I have no experience with mechanicals so I can't really recommend them (although as far as I know they are legal). But I would not recommend them for one reason, moose have very heavy bone compared to deer (probably 4 to 5 times the mass, maybe more). I suggest you use a good cut on contact blade (the ribs on a moose can be up to 2-2 1/4" wide). I would be afraid of a mechanicals blades breaking.(And don't worry,both your bows are up to the task!). Maybe ask your outfitter what he recommends, as he will have more experience with BH's that people have used in the past. Moose have a very large kill zone, so you should have no problem bagging one. I have to admit I'm envious, as there is no season for moose where I live now. Good Luck E-hunter!(I would only use the wheatherby as a last resort. It's just not the same experience.When you get to experience your first moose coming in to a call, you'll understand.)
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    Congrats on the hunt, I think the Shuttle T's should work fine. I have several friends that have taken 5 Elk with them and another that took a young Moose with no issues. Those are my Elk load. If your a little worried with the 100gr's get a pack of 125's. One of my friends uses them (125's) with a 800gr total arrow weight, but won't shoot over 30 yards. Good luck.
    You may also check into the Easton FMJ dangerous game shafts to put more weight behind the broadhead. I believe they are 15.5gpi and 17.2gpi, lots of hitting power.
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