As the title says, any disadvantages to being overspined? I currently shoot GoldTip Velocity 400 and was wanting to have a slightly heavier arrow. I know a seller that has these shafts at great prices compared to others. From what I know, I'm a touch on the weak side with my set up with the 400s but still in the "green" range when guys have run some numbers for me on OT2.

I could correct the weight issue with their weight system, but with the current arrows that will only weaken the spine further. I've thought about going to the Velocity 300 so that I could shoot fully maxed out, while maintaining minimum 5 Gr/lb and without being too weak. Also thought about this since I have really been thinking about finding a way for a newer bow than my Cheetah, which would have a higher rate of speed and energy resulting from that. Anyone able to share any insight they may have on this? AT responses are typically all over the darn place and I like you people better anyway