Guys I am running a new online community for hunters, fishermen, etc. Just anyone who has a love or interest for the outdoors is welcome. Membership is free and allows you to participate in the community. The site really needs some good people and I have run into quite a few here. In efforts to help the site activity pick up I wanted to give away the "Paid Membership" options on the site for free if you join now. This will let you do some more cool stuff on the site like blog, create your own groups or clubs, and a lot more. There is no catch. You sign up and then contact me on the site username "Jason" and let me know that you are from the Martin forum and I will upgrade your membership to get the most out of the site. You can also contact me here or on the site to let me know who you are so I can verify you are from the Martin forum and not just someone who found this post in the search engines. Upon your membership being upgraded your new membership title will be "Supporting Member".

You can share stories, photos, videos, and a ton more on the site and I hope you like it. Really hope to see you there and claim your free paid membership.

This post offer will no longer be valid as of March 1st 2012.

Thanks guys.