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Good advice. I think the only main thing should would have a problem with ... aside from the money ... is that she just bought me my Cheetah for Christmas last year. I shot the living snot out of it all year, hunted with it and love it to death. Just like to get another toy. I'm sure I'll hang onto the Cheetah for personal reasons and I can imagine many people looking for an 07 Cheetah anytime soon.
i want lots of bows,at least 10.i just want to hang them on the wall and have to pic and choose what bow would i like to shoot today.of course i will allway have a bow just for hunting but it would be nice to loan a bow or try to get some other people into archery.my bengal will never leave me.

another way to go about it is to tell her she bought you a bow and now you get to buy yourself a bow.

the way i see it is all us men with with a wife need to stand up and law down the law every 5 or 10 years,ya know just to let the wifes know we are still here and not a giant blob of......yes deer..........yes honey.......what ever makes you happy wife.lol