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Thread: Went to a new range Sunday.

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    Default Went to a new range Sunday.

    This past Sunday my brother-in-law-Don and I went to a new range for a 3-D. Neither of us has ever shot this range before, it was the only shoot for the weekend so we jumped in his truck and took off bright and early Sunday morning.
    1 1/2 hours later we get there ans see some others we both know from other ranges. This was a tough range to walk, it was layed out over a very long area with some steep climbing up a canyon shooting at targets along a sidehill trail. I didn't shoot as good as I should of and only scored a 305. It was a 45 target one arrow shoot.
    I did end up bringing home 2nd place behind a friend of mine, he got me by 12 points.
    Had a great time and the weather was awsome, mid 70's and just a hint of a breeze.
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