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    Hey everyone, I'm new here been looking into a Martin recurve for quite some time now, found a seller online selling a used Martin mamba but it's all black instead of the brown and black I see on the site, From photos sent to me the info I can get on the bow is

    HM 0402
    Amo 58

    Any idea on how old this bow might be? Also how much harder is a 50 lb bow to pull compared to a 35lb ive been shooting a 35lb bow for over a year now and its gotten to the point where it feels like im pulling almost nothing, I don't really have access to a shop where I can try other bows and I also don't have to money to buy multiple bows, any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance

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    35 to 50 is a big step up in my opinion. My browning is a 50 pounder and I can't hold it as long or anchor properly as I should or want too. I know I'm over bowed. What will you be using it for? target, 3-D, or hunting?. For hunting you need to make sure that the bow meets your states minimum weight requirement. My state is 40 pounds. I recommend that you visit a Trad shop and test shoot a 50 pound trad bow. There's a big difference between pulling and holding the draw on a compound bow versus a trad bow. You will be holding all that weight in a recurve or longbow. If you can't pull and hold the bow comfortably at full draw ( multiple times ) Then you could get overbowed. If you end up Aiming at the sky every time you try to draw back...your overbowed. I am the trad moderator over on ArcheryTalk too. Do a search over there about that bow your interested in. A lot of info. 30-40 seems the norm just for target, 3-d shoots. Specially if your gonna be shooting a lot of arrows down range. I will be buying an ILF rig down the road so I can change out the Limbs. I will start out around 30-32 pounds for practice and gradually build up my strength so i can get to 50 pounds. I am weaker right handed because I'm actually a lefty. I can shoot 50 pounds fine as a lefty but not as a right hander.

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