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Thread: I'm on the Weight Loss train!. Woot Woot!.

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    Thumbs up I'm on the Weight Loss train!. Woot Woot!.

    I've been one of the those roller coaster weight losers. I'll be down a few pounds one week just to gain it back two fold two weeks later. I gained most of my weight after I was injured, and going through three surgeries and was at home and couldn't exercise. Due to my injuries exercising was the last thing on my mind. I puffed up big time which doesn't do anything positive for my back and right knee. ( injuries). I heard good thing about a certain liquid drop which added with a very low calorie intake can lead to rapid weight loss. It's mainly for obese folks like me. I needed to jump start my metabolism and restart the way I thought of food mentally. I did choose the Diet liquids from GNC that are safer and don't involve those unsafe hormone injections. I spoke to the owner of the store and he stated that the liquid has had better results than the pills. It is absorbed quicker. I know Being heavily overweight hurts my back and knee's more plus i want to make I don't turn diabetic. I want to be around when my son gets older. Plus I want to be able to hunt longer without having to stop every 200 yards....Plus the Smaller sized hunting clothes cost less to buy. lol.

    Anyways, I'm on my 5th day of this very low calorie diet. I was worried at first but it isn't has bad as it sounded. The hardest part is that I can't drink any cola not even Coke Zero. That was my legal food drug of choice. I never counted Calories before and I used to make fun of those people...Now I'm one of them. but now i understand why they do it. basically I can't eat nothing for breakfast but coffee, tea or water. I can have as much of that as I want. 250 calories for lunch and 350 calories for Dinner. 4 Ounces of lean protein for lunch and another 4 ounces for dinner. But for Dinner I can have one Melba toast or grassini. I never knew what a Melba toast was or a Grassini until I started this Diet. Grassini is a little skinny Italian bread stick. After each meal I have to write down the calories for each item I consume and keep a tally of all of it in my little "Diet Minder" Journal. I'm not supposed to go over 500 but I'm averaging 570 calories a day. It sounds difficult and time consuming but it gets much better as the days pass by. The diets cycle is forty days and I believe i will make it.
    I was 286 pounds when I started and after the 5th day I am now 271 pounds. I'm trying to loss 50 pounds on the first cycle then I have to stop the diet for a couple weeks before I start another cycle. My wight loss goal is 210. That's the Weight I was at when I was a C/O prior to getting injured on the job. I took pics for my "before" for the Diet journal. Maybe one day when i get brave enough...I might post it up here for all to see the difference. One of the hard parts is when i have to go into a restaurant or a fast food joint. The menu choice gets small. When went into a Carl's Jr and I looked for the Nutritional Chart. i think the average calorie of one of their burgers was about 800-900 Calories. Heck!. That's about 2 days worth of calories for me. that's not even counting the Fries and soda pop. I ended up with a salad with chicken with no dressing, a medium sized fresh brewed tea with no sugar. I think i need to recalibrate my mind more than my mouth. Buying a 8 ounce drink instead of 40 ouncer, etc. I did buy some GNC Vitamins to supplement my diet. I'm already feeling much better, sleeping better. I'm hoping to add on to this thread with more positive news 30 days from now. The guys on AT recommended that I buy those Vibram five finger shoes ( Minimalist) for walking. I can't jog due to my injuries So I will be adding some fast walking in the next week or so.
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