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Thread: Which peep? 37 degrees or 45 degrees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLN1963 View Post
    Buttwad, I was hard a$$ing you, but it wasn't spiteful, just goosing you a little. Okay, I'm going to make an honest attempt to never use your wife's pet name for you again.

    BTW, I did not add anything, if you read Carlos' original post he asks which peep for his SHADOWCAT. Go back and look. So yes, that is why I was hard a$$ing you a little. I catch enough flack around here that I need to dish a little out from time to time. Usually it is me and Hutch giggin' each other.
    thank you MLN1963...i am just a little too polite to have pointed that out myself. (am i blushing???)

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    OK guys, I really screwed this one up (can't read????) and deserve what I get. My apologies to both of you. I hope you both had some fun.

    Carlos, I still say you want the 45 degree peep. The 37 degree is for shorter bows, longer draw length where the string angle is more acute. Check the FAQ section on Specialty Archery's website. Scroll way down. You don't need the 37 degree peep till you go over 30" draw with your bow.

    I've tried using a 37 degree peep at 27" draw on a 32" bow and it didn't work. Too sharp an angle.
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