got about 3" of snow last night , thats something we don't see enough of these days ! when i was a young man back in the 50s & 60s it would snow 10"s to a foot & stay on the ground for a couple days, we are lucky to get any at all now. people around here just hate it . i like it for a while, wouldn't want to see it for months like some up north do. i think that the folks up north aren't seeing the snow that they are used to this year. we need all the moisture we can get here still in a drought. i remember my brother and i would go out during quail season when it snowed and almost always get our limits and a couple cotton tailed rabbits , sure was good all fried up with some fried taters and gravy and biscuits . now days they say that kind of food will kill you, it did kill my grandpa he was 89 when he died. have a good day!