I inherited a bow. It is a Martin Magnum Jaguar. All of the arrows I shoot are about 6 feet too high. I put the sight at its highest point and the pin on the sight at its highest point and even at 10 yards the arrows are jumping above it. From the research I have done it seems like the timing might be off on the cams. Then i looked at the Martin website and noticed that this bow was made with a single cam system, and yet mine has a double cam. I tried to figure out how it has a double cam and can't seem to find any manufacture marks on the cams. The pro shop thought that the timing was off because of two holes that weren't matching with the limbs. I circled the holes in the photos. Anyone have any ideas? the pro shop guys said the knock and arrow rest were in the right positions.2012-02-13 20.08.59 - Copy.jpg2012-02-13 20.09.29 - Copy.jpg2012-02-13 20.09.59.jpgmartin panther bow.JPG