So the Alien came today. For the owners, got a question on the rotating mods. The top is set in the #4 hole and the bottom is #5 - that seemed off to me, but I don't know a lot about these cams, etc. I'm a 29" draw. Haven't had a chance to really go through it much yet, I'll be putting a new set of strings on it, so I don't want to get too deep into tuning it.


I did get it set up and took a few shots. Have to say there is a night and day difference btw this and my Cheetah in terms of weight. The X feels pretty awesome. I'm not totally sold on the QAD yet, I like the rest but it definitely needs some felt or moleskin on the launcher. I'm thinking I'll give it a chance, but kinda think I want to go with a TT Smackdown or a Limbdriver. Same with the sight, have a nice TruGlo sight mounted right now that the previous owner sent, but think I'm going to put a TR Vertical Pin on it.