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Thread: Make my exile quieter

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    since nobody mentioned it,I'll throw my .01 in here, NEW CUSTOM STRINGS. I couldn't believe the difference it made on my Cheetah and Iron Mace after putting a set of Hutch's strings on them. A lot quieter and seemed to pick up some speed. Judging only by the extra bit of thump from the arrows hitting the target harder.

    Oh, and over the weekend I ditched the string stop on my Quest and just went with catwhiskers after experimenting. I left it off for now. I'm thinking that maybe the rubber stoppers available aftermarket are made of different materials. Some being louder than others. Just a thought
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    Quote Originally Posted by wscywabbit View Post
    All the above statements are great ways to quiet your system down, and it looks like you're off to a good start on your own. I might also suggest looking into trading in the TRG/SOS system for the traditional slide and stop... I was surprised at the difference in sound and I didn't think my original setup was all that loud; The SOS gave a higer pitched "slap" sound, and now with the regular string stop its more of a low pitched "thump". Aside from the pitch, I'm also sure its a few dB quieter... may be me though
    made a huge difference when i ditched trg/sos, well maybe not huge, but my wore out ears sure could tell the difference
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