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    Default I'm ready to eat crow...

    Since the new Fury cams were announced, with their huge range of adjust ability, I've been thinking allot about the Nitrous cams on my Onza. Ever since I first got my bow, I've maintained that it couldn't reach the 27.5" AMO draw length at the lower end of it's scale. I maintained that because I have a 28.25" AMO draw, and I've had my bow set on the #1 hole (shortest mod setting), and my draw stop set right at the max rotation of the cams, where their natural cable stops are built in. For all intense purposes, if not for the adjustable draw stop, this WOULD BE the shortest viable draw position for the bow.

    After much deliberation, and studying the cams' design, I decided to play with the mod/stop configuration to see where it got me, and I gotta tell you that not only did I learn allot, I was impressed! Here is what I found:

    #1 hole, using cable stops : 28.25" AMO draw, 14# of holding weight (80%), 279 fps
    #1 hole, draw stop @ full -: 27.00" AMO draw (1/2" shorter than 2011 specs)
    #2 hole, using draw stop @ 28.25" AMO draw, 15# of holding weight (79%), 284 fps
    #3 hole, using draw stop @ 28.25" AMO draw, 24# of holding weight (34%), 287 fps
    #4 hole, using draw stop @ 28.25" AMO draw, 36# of holding weight (51%), 289 fps
    #4 hole, using cable stops : 29.75 (1/2" increments per hole remain constant)

    I can tell you that the #3 and #4 holes set at my draw length there is almost no valley and it would be difficult to maintain, waiting for a shot on an animal. In the end I changed my setup permanently to the #2 hole, using the draw stop to adjust my length...

    Bottom line is that I didn't realize how much adjustability there is in these cams, nor did I understand til now how to truly utilize the adjustable draw stop. After seeing what I can do with my setup, I have no doubt that Martin's spec claims for this bow are true!

    Bow/Arrow specs: 70# draw, 7 5/16" Brace, 33 5/16" ATA, 384 grain arrow
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    2011 Onza 3: 70#, 28.25 draw (AMO), 384 gr arrow, 288 fps
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