Here's some barebow pics. It will probably be another month before I get her up and shooting. I'm taking it slow, I have some stuff on the way. Specialty Archery
1/4 Large Peep in black, Aperture kit #5, plus a Peep reducer. My Stabilizer will be the Response from Paradigm Archery. Probably around 30 inches Plus some offset bars around 12-14 inches. I'll be adding a Adjustable Doinker Offset bracket. I'm still working on a blade rest. The most expensive and last thing I'll get is the DS sight plus Specialty Archery 1 5/8 Scope with some lenses. Anyways, That's what I have planned. Oh I forgot some new strings from Hutch. I'm thinking Red with Yellow. I have the 60 pound limbs on it. The factory tag states 58.6. I'm gonna have it down to 55 pounds. The finish looks great and she feels so light. I'm not in a hurry I want to do it right the first time.