Hello, today I bought a Jaguar take down and have a few questions about it. I only recently started shooting again, a few week back I dusted off the old 20-30# fiberglass bow I got as a kid, got some carbon arrows to shoot to replace the very battered wooden ones that were with it, and took it down to a range. Had an absolute blast with it and went a few more times. Well today I decided it was time for an upgrade since I was enjoying it so much and I'd lake to make make it a new hobby. I went back to the shop I got my arrows and asked for some assistance choosing a bow. I wanted a take down bow so I could work towards higher draw weights over time. They had me try a couple and after finding one I liked I asked some questions, found out its limbs only went up to 38# which didn't give much room to grow since the one I was enjoying shooting was a 34#. So I asked if they had any in my price range that went higher and they showed me the Jaguar, I didn't like it aesthetically but I sure liked how it felt to shoot and they said it went up to 55# which I liked. So I bought it along with a quiver and various other odds and ends and went to a range at a nearby park. I shot for 2 hours and loved it, wasn't getting too tired like they warned me might happen with the higher weight, and while I am still having trouble aiming(going to classes at the shop soon) I'm definitely improving.

Anyway no idea why I felt the need to say all that haha but here are my questions. First after coming home I decided to read up on the bow and was shocked to see a LOT of threads on forums talking about these bows being prone to limb de-lamination. Has this problem been fixed? Because everything I read has me a little nervous to shoot this bow now. The second question is is the bow supposed to be loud when shot? Mine is quite loud and in fact the loudest I've yet heard from a bow at the range. Is this normal for this bow? I ask because when I first test fired it it scared one of the people who ran the shop and he came rushing around the corner thinking something had gone wrong, I didn't think anything of it at the time as the person helping me didn't seem bothered by it. But at the range a few people commented on how loud it was. Third question if it is normal is there anything that can be done to quiet it down at all? Last question is what should I look for to inspect for damage? I have no reason to suspect any damage or anything but I'd imagine it would be a good habit to develop. I noticed the string at both the bottom and top has 2 fibers unraveled, I'm going to the shop to have this checked tomorrow to see if this is a safety issue which I imagine it must be.