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Unless you have a sight on your Jaguar, you don't really aim a recurve, what you're doing is called instintive shooting, and you'll improve with lots of practice, like that two hour session you put in the other day. Hold and draw the bow to the same anchor point every time, concentrate on the place you want your arrow to hit, and your subconcious mind will take over and let you know when you're on target. As you get further back from the target, you'll find that about 50-55 yds that the point of your arrow will be on the target, that is your point of aim. Once you find that POA, you will begin what is called gap shooting. Lets say your POA is 55 yds, at 50 yds your arrow point will be below the bullseye, say the bottom of the target, at 45 yds, it would be bottom of the bale. For way more threads on instintive/gap shooting, visit a traditional site like Stickbow's Leatherwall, where this subject is always under disscusion. Heres what I came up with just entering instintive and clicking Instintive. Keep up the practice, and you'll be suprized by what you'll remember.

Interesting. Today I tried the POA thing (I haven't been "aiming" at all) and found for my 25#r the POA to be at 45yds but I've gained precision but lost accuracy (groups about 1.5' left). Wiht the old style, I'm pretty accurate around center but not quite as tight a group. The question is with the aiming style do I need to aim more to the right or do I adjust my bow setup to shoot dead on? Thanks.