We were at Wal Mart yesterday and a new movie cover caught my eye in the new release section. It's a Korean movie dubbed in English. I don't mind reading subtitles and the info on the movie sounded good so i bought it.

The movies about two Dynasties at War. Two men on a Mission, redemption, revenge and a story about family. It is the highest grossing epic in Korean cinema. The movie is set in the 15th century. The kings loyal legendary Archer is framed for treason and executed. He helped his two children escape into the darkness before he was captured and executed. Just in case your gonna rent or buy the movie but the kids grow up and arrows start flinging everywhere!. :thumbs_up

I can't really think of an American movie that I could compare this too when it came to the use of Bows and Arrow. They even had a little deer drive in the movie with bows and arrows, A little bit of target practice and a whole lot of killing with arrows...run and arrow slinging...and the 1/2 pounder. You can figure out what the half pounder is by watching the movie. My wife even watched the movie and she's not a fan of war movies, history, and archery. This had it all. Think of it as the gun fight at the O.K. Corral but with bows and Arrows.

The American trailer is kinda Lame but here it is.