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Thread: Broadhead Tuning

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    Default Broadhead Tuning

    I just saw a video about broad head tuning. I would like to do this with my bow, but I do not have a target that will stop a broad head. I would like to talk about the theory of broadhead tuning and see what all information might be available.

    If anyone has information about this tuning feat please let us all know about it. =0)

    I would like to maybe make some blades out of titanium pieces if I can find out if it will even take an edge. Idk if you can cut titanium with a coping saw though... might rip all the teeth out in the 100th pass or something.

    I think it would be cool to have a hot formed Titanium impregnated aluminum broad head because it might be really expensive. (LOL! that was a joke about the expense of it.) If I could buy the things I would make the broad head and the shaft out of a solid piece of titanium impregnated aluminum and stuff rolled up layers of thinfoam down the middle to deaden any sound. it might be some work to get the spine right, but I could probably stick a cable down the middle of the foam and use it like a truss to tune the spine. I wonder what it takes to hot form them. My neighbor said that it was cheaper to hot form tubing that is just extruded, so what if I had an extruded strip of Ti and die cut blades out of it and stuck it through the Ti/Al tubing with a loop in the blades? Could I fuse the Ti to the Ti/Al?

    Maybe make the blades so they have a concave bevel down to the cutting edge and see if it travels farther in ballistics gel... Get a good clean kill so you can get your light weight indestructible arrow back... LOL!

    Here is the video I saw:

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