Well I have been playing with expandables since moving to Kentucky from Idaho, as expanables are illegal for big game hunting in Idaho. I have detirmined that the Rage's were cool, and did the job but upon a pass threw the blades swung around and snapped the ferrule, kinda turned me off from the Rage, shot the NAP bloodrunners last season have no real complaint other than for the expansion of these they did not leave as good a blood trail as the Rage. This year I am looking at the shuttle t's, the magnus snuffer ss, and the G5 T3's. I like the shuttle t's beause you can replace the blades if needed, and I have heard good things about them already, I don't know what more to say for any magnus product, my only hang up with these is I bought some magnus snuffers years ago and never could get them sharp, don't want to deal with that again, and the G5 T3's another expandable to play with! I talk back and forth with Nick Mundt (bone collector) and he says its one of the best bh's he's ever used... Any comments on the bh's is appreciated!