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Thread: Need help tuning my 2012 Bengal Pro

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    Default Need help tuning my 2012 Bengal Pro


    I have been trying to tune my Bengal Pro and need some help. The ATA is supposed to be 31" and brace is supposed to be 7". I had paper tuned it with a fletched shaft a couple weeks ago and had a pretty good lower left tear going. I moved the nock point up and it solved the low tear, however the nocking point was up around 3/8" higher than level. I also got rid of the left tear by moving the rest all the way to the right. I have the bow maxed at 70 pounds, and am using GT 7595.

    Arrow flight was good after doing this, but I really didn't like how high the nock point was. Today I decided to start all over again and set the nock point level with the arrow going straight through the berger holes. I tried bare shaft paper tuning and again had the low left tear. This time I attempted to adjust the rest and got rid of the low tear, but the arrow lined up below the berger holes and had a pretty good downward lean.

    I brought the bow inside and measured ATA and both sides and there was a difference from left to right of about 1/8" between the two sides with the ATA measuring approx. 31 1/4". The brace height was about 6 3/4". I removed the cable and twisted it and now both sides are around 31 1/8". One side is just a bit longer. Now the brace height is 6 13/16".

    Looking for input on how to proceed getting this bow closer to spec. and would the way this bow was, give me the low left tears I was observing.

    Need to leave for work but will check in when I get there.

    Thanks in advance,

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