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It looks like you've got your nock point / rest height right on, and that you just need to move your rest to the right. I've gotten to the point that when I paper tune, it's just to get my nock set. Then I go out and do a french tune and/or walk back to dial in in the center shot:

  • Go out to your target, run a piece of tape vertically top to bottom in the center. Then move to about 3-5 yds from it and fire an arrow at that strip. Move your pins left/or right (follow the arrow so if it hits left of the line, move your sight left).

  • When you can hit the tape dead on, move back to 20 yds and fire at it again. This time move your rest away from the arrow (if it hits left of the tape, move your rest right). When you get your arrows hitting the tape, go back to 3 yds and start again.

  • Rinse repeat until you don't have to move anything to hit the tape at both 3 yds and at 20.

I like doing that because it sets up your sight to center as well. You can also do a walk back, which i less involved;

  • Using the same tape setup, fire an arrow at 20 yards at the top of the tape, don't worry about where it hits. Move back to 30 yards, shoot again. Move back to 40 yards, shoot again.

  • You will end up with line of arrows close to the tape at the top, further away at the bottom. If the gap is on the left side, move your rest right towards the tape, and vise versa.

  • Repeat the process until you get a vertical line of arrows that parallel the tape. Now your center shot is set and you can go to work adjusting your site.

Hope that helps!
Thank you, this makes definite sense!

Should I be doing this type of tuning with my FPs or with my broadheads?