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Thread: Help? Fury and Nitro cam question??

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravedigger View Post
    thanks for that,no doubt you are a man with morals.alot of us have a hard time staying on topic....kind of keeps things fun with good info to boot.we got hacked last march i think it was and alot of info was account was probly one that got lost as well....darn hackers a days the admins,mods and super mod keep all the spammers out.and sorry if i came off as a... you know what.
    Not at all. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravedigger View Post
    the only bow you should buy is the one you want.all the good things i have heard on the nitro cams are pushing me twords a them,but with the new fury it has so many options for dl and dw it is crazy.i have not shot either of the new cams but man i am glad im not in your shoes right now many good chioces it like a kid in a candy shop.

    my insight is i would want to get a bow with the new fury xt so i can shoot it and i can set it up for my wife to shoot it,that is the selling point for me.but i also want to the nitro cams as well.

    what ever you get buddy im sure you will love it.oh and post up some pics when you get what your looking for.when i get mine im just going to say i got a bow and not tell what i
    Oh yeah, I believe that. NOT!
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