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Thread: shootings in your area?

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    Default shootings in your area?

    are you guys getting gang shootings in the citys around your parts.i know that every morning that i turn the news on ther has been atleast 2 gang related shootings a day for the past is gettin crazy in portland.more and more people getting shot every day.the other day 2 homeless people were shot wile they were sleeping under a bridge,it was a drive was shot in the chest the other in the side.

    my wife wants to take the kids to the zoo but i wont let her take my kids any where near portland.road rage shootings,drive bys,walking shootings,in house shooting,kids shooting kids,a guy i once knew shot his dad in the head last year fron not taking him fishing.IT IS GETTIN CRAZY OUT HERE.

    so how is your area,safe and sound or are you staying away from the big citys too.
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