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I live in the opposite corner of OK from Speedy. Not many gang related shootings here either, and if there is it is usually gang to gang and that doesn't bother me as long as no innocent bystanders get hurt. Around here a large portion of the population (farmers, rednecks, hicks and military) carries hardware so maybe that has something to do with it? Thugs don't want to shoot if they think there will be return fire.
i live in a small town like you guys , theres more going on that meets the eye. drugs are the main thing that causes all the trouble. i watch channel 7 news & weather, i think lawton okla. is one of the worst cities for home invasion & drive by shootings.i'm not intending to knock anyones city, but ever day on the news they have something going on , i don't envy any police officers in any of the larger cities, they got thier work cut out for them, and it is going to get worse i think but hope i'm wrong.{ JMO }