Some may remember the issues I had with 2 Firecats some time back. Martin did take care of me, but in my mind I could no longer trust Martin. So, like a moron, I bought a Reezen. I had some issues getting it set up but when I did it shot great, until last week. After putting on a new sight, and bow sling I drew the bow to make sure every thing was good to go. I slowly let down the string derailed off the cam. I probably dont need to tell you what happened next. Basically it Blew up. The top and bottom of the riser is bent to toward the bow arm side as well as twisted. the cam is trashed and the lower limb is broken, sight arm broke and the string hit my wrist so hard it felt like a hammer. I bought the bow used so Mathews wont do anything about it, go figure.

I did some reading online and looked at the reviews for a few different bows. Wscywabbit and i went to a shop and I shot a couple bows. I shot a Hoyt Rampage XT, Martin Bengal and Martin Cougar FC both with the Fury cams. After shooting all three and talking over a few things with Wabbit, I setteled on the Cougar FC. We got it back to the house and Wabbit gave me a hand getting it set up. I am waiting on the sight arm to finish her up. Thanks for the hand Wabbit.

Yep, I am back to M4L and I am happy about it. I just want to thank Martin for taking care of the customers so well. That is the number one reason I came back to thier products.