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Thread: m-7 lynx

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    Default Orion!

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    if i do this upgrade how will it compare to buying a new orion bow in a complete bow package i got a good price on it from a dealer
    The Orion would definately be an upgrade form your lynx, if you really love and are attached to your lynx it may be worth your while to update it, but I would recommend the Orion, I don't think you can find a better bow for the money, the package deals are absolutely the way to go!

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    Default Martin Lynx Actualization

    Quote Originally Posted by joelc View Post
    You have our Quick Change Energy cams on your Lynx, parts are pretty scarce these days, we do have a few left in sizes 3-7. We could do a re-cable job on your bow for around $60.00 or the Z-cam update which I mentioned earlier for $125.00
    Could someone tell me if its still avialable the Lynx actualization with Z-Cams and new limbs.....and how much would it cost.
    Thanks from CHILE


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