I have a exile from last year and I just got it all set back up and it's still loud as poop. Even last year it was loud but I thought it was just cause I don't have it set up but I have string silencers and a sts on it now and a very nice sexy waxed string and it's quieter that befOr but compared to my buddies matthews and my buddies dads Hoyt and my other friends mission mine is at least 3 times louder than there's. My buddies mission you can't even hear him shoot and his dads is so quiet too but maybe a tad louder than his sons cuz he has the sts smack but I guess my question is when I shoot and like right after I release my bow is really loud idk what it is if it's the sts smach with I think is part of it or if it's the limbs whipping back to normal position is the limbs whipping like that normal or should I call Martin or should I get some limbsavers? Do the limbsavers do a lot? Thanks for help