A few weeks back I posted a few threads, inquiring some specifics. I was helped out by numerous members. At that time I told everyone that I would enter a post on my new Exile, once I got it back from the bow shop and all set up..well the time has arrived.
I took it out yesterday and shot it. First impressions, small, light weight, easy to shoot, well balanced, fast(chronographed at 285 fps). I like it alot! it is a later edition 2011 Exile, wihout the TRD-SOS. I think that is probabily a good thing. It really isn't super loud. I added some whisker style string silencers. That made quite a difference. It is a pleasure to shoot and very accurate!!
I have been bow hunting for 26 years, so I have had the opportunity to shoot many different bows, Hoyt,PSE,Ross,York,Browning....and even had a chance to shoot a friends Matthews.
I can honestly say that they all are quality bows......but the biggest Bang For The Buck looks like it might be Martin. This is my set up:
2011 Martin exile 60#
Apex Atomic sight
Whisker Biscuit rest
Limbsaver 3 1/2" stabilizer
Martin Tru-Peep
Martin Wildman 4 arrow quiver
Victory V-Force 45/60 arrows (6)
All of this for $349.00

I don't know if you can match that with another brand!

all of the after market accessories came from a local Martin Dealer. His prices are very good, and his labor rate is down right cheap!

I think if this bow performs the way I think it is going to, I will be a Martin owner for LIFE!!!

When I get a chance I will post some pics. on the appropraite forum page.