Hello so I've got a question. Not all that long ago I got some limbsavers installed my my Jaguar Take-Down. Well it turns out the guy at the shop who installed them for me used super glue to reattach one that popped off at the store when I test fired it after he installed them. I didn't realize it till after he had done it and it had been no big deal to me at the time since I couldn't see it. Well after the other one came off I brought it back as they said that if they came off they'd replace them for free. Well they did and in doing so they pulled off both of the original pair. When they replaced them they put them on more towards the center from where they had been prior so now on my lower limb there is a round spot of superglue and its driving me nuts. My first instinct was to try and remove it with goo off but fortunately realized that would likely be a very bad idea on the fiberglass before attempting to use it. So is there any way to safely remove the glue without damaging the limb?