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Thread: What kind of rest is best?

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    Default What kind of rest is best?

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking at getting a new rest very soon because mine isn't very reliable or accurate. My arrows don't sit right on it and the black part of it that it sits on chews up my vanes and destroys my feather and I think there Is way to much contact between the arrow and the rest. I have been looking around and I have three styles that I think would fix this. The problem is I'm not sure what one is best? I have pictures of them, there is a QuickTune capture rest, a drop away rest, and a wicker biscuit. I was wondering if maybe you guys could tell me which is the best and what the perks and disadvantages are of them, remember I have the Martin Firecat Pro Series 4000 soviet also has to be compatible with that (unless it will fit all of the different kinds). Sadly the pictures won't upload at the moment, if necessary I can try again later.

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    There are some not-so-good rests, but most of the time an arrow rest is going to be personal preference. Some factors to consider: What is the rest going to be used for? (Hunting, Target, 3D?) If you plan to hunt, will you be stalking, sitting in a blind, or in a treestand?
    A capture rest would serve you well in most hunting situations, since there is less chance of the arrow falling off the rest. For target and 3D, a dropaway or prong-style arrow rest will work best.

    The whisker biscuit has three main disadvantages: It can mess vanes up (especially when the vanes aren't glued at the tips), its accuracy decreases at longer yardages, and the biscuit does wear out(it is replaceable). Advantages include the fact that the arrow can't fall off the rest, it's very accurate at short to medium range, and it provides a quiet draw.

    The Quictune 360 works well for many people, and minimizes the chances of the arrow falling off the rest. The downside that I experienced was the piece the arrow sits on repeatedly wore off on one side. This may have been due to the way my bow shot and my lesser knowledge of compound bows at the time. NAP has probably updated the rest since then (that was over four years ago). I have to mention that NAP has excellent customer service, and they gave me a Quicktune 2100 dropaway to replace the 360.

    Dropaway arrow rests in general work well. Keep in mind that they are a mechanical device and some people including myself have experienced some issues, namely the laucher arm not dropping fast enough. Most dropaway rests that I've seen reviews for don't seem to have this problem though. I believe that if you know how to adjust a dropaway there shouldn't be a problem.

    I hope this helps.

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    I'm a real big fan of the NAP Apache and since getting a Limb Driver set up, I'm a big fan of that as well. Pretty if I shoot any other bow or have a new rest, a Limb Driver will be my first choice. Haven't seen one of the Pro Vs yet, but everyone speaks highly of them from what I have read.
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    I have a Ripcord on my Firecat,no problems and it works good.I also use a WB on another bow and shot it a ton,no complaints on it either.Just got a Apache today and with all the good reviews on it ,should be good too,plus it is almost half the price of a Code Red.All boils down to personel preference.

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    For hunting I've been really happy with the QAD pro rest. I know of buddy of mine had one of the older ripcord units go south on him and replaced it with a QAD rest and since has been very happy as well.
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    Half of my bows are now fitted with the Limbdriver Pro rest.
    It is probably the only type of dropaway rest I will purchase in the future.
    I like the fact that speed of the bow is not an issue as you are not relying on a spring to take the rest dowm, the limb does that to ensure no fletching contact can occur.
    I use custom made 'strings' made to match the bowstring rather than D loop cord, lasts longer, no stretch and easy to adjust by twisting as you would a bowstring.
    Looks good too!

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