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Thread: What kind of rest is best?

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    No need for a fancy paragraph , the two best rest on the market qad, vaportrail limbdriver pro v. I have the pro v, kinda hard to set up, but it's never let me down. Most of my buddies have a qad, few with that nap apache to.

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    My Iron Mace is now wearing a Cobra Diamondback drop rest. For a "cheap" drop rest, it works flawlessly. Proper set up is the key to any good drop rest working favorably. When drawing the bow, the rest needs to come to its full upright position just before you hit the wall. Typically, the last 1"-1.5" of the draw cycle. I can get center shot set within 3-4 shots and have tight groups at 20yds from eye balling the whole set up.
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    QAD Ultrarest HDX, I got it on my AX. Now a NAP Carbon.

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    Cool A Good Night's Sleep is the Best Rest but...

    Great suggestions here...but I just got two Trophy Ridge Micro Adjust Revolutions for my Seekers and I am going to see how they work out. If you actually choose Martin bows you probably don't run in a pack, not much wolf in you but the Cat's got The Pride,

    HIArcher by the way a warm welcome to THE PRIDE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Thomas View Post
    Lots of good info given, but I'd like to see your set up. I've seen pretty nasty arrow rests and they well got the job done.

    Like Barry noted, some have rebound issues. Adjusting spring tension can help some and others need a dampener on the shelf. And drop rests can be set too fast and good guidance is lost.

    Of fastening the draw cord; A tight serving does away with fasteners. Depending on the make, some want the draw cord I think too far down the down cable and creates slippage. Most all work very well with the rest fully up 1 inch before full draw.

    One of the best...Well, make your head shake is my Doodle Drop. The cord goes through the down cable just below the shelf and isn't even tied in. I left a pig tail after the draw cord knot to drive people nuts Will post pic if wanted.

    Sorry I don't have pictures but your response if much appreciated. I removed the football and tied the cord to the cable and it works great. Also removed the arrow rest top bar for easier loading. I would like to see your Doodle Drop when time permits. Many thanks.

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