Hey guys,
I'm looking at getting a new rest very soon because mine isn't very reliable or accurate. My arrows don't sit right on it and the black part of it that it sits on chews up my vanes and destroys my feather and I think there Is way to much contact between the arrow and the rest. I have been looking around and I have three styles that I think would fix this. The problem is I'm not sure what one is best? I have pictures of them, there is a QuickTune capture rest, a drop away rest, and a wicker biscuit. I was wondering if maybe you guys could tell me which is the best and what the perks and disadvantages are of them, remember I have the Martin Firecat Pro Series 4000 soviet also has to be compatible with that (unless it will fit all of the different kinds). Sadly the pictures won't upload at the moment, if necessary I can try again later.