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Thread: 2011 exile servings come loose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantonza View Post
    Extremely interesting! I know how to work with bowpress and strings/cables, but I have never known that you could actually loosen the tension so much with Martin bows without using a bowpress. Is this actually told in the bow manual? I have owned a Martin bow since 2003 and I have always used a bow press when doing string/cable work...

    Thanks for this, your explanation was very clear!
    the no press is great for in the field.i dont like to bring anthing more then i need so if i did fall and de-rail a string i could loosen the limb bolts and put it back together.most all martin bows can be takin down at aroun 10 full turns.well thats what it takes for me bengal

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawgEnvy View Post
    uh...what? That's the beauty of Martin. Back out the limb bolts equal turns(3 turns top,3 turns bottom). In the riser just below the limb pockets are barrel nuts on each end. Keep watching through there while backing the limb bolts out until you can see the bottom of the limb bolt in the middle of the barrel nut. At this point,the strings/cables can be removed.
    I tried this with my Onza 3. I certainly still prefer a bow press if only there is one available; the tension is still relatively high to work conveniently with strings and cables. I suppose you could change them, though. I did not want to go all the way and try that now, since I did not have immediate access to a bow press if I would get in trouble...

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